WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal (WWEP)

WorldWide Education Partnerships for Nepal (WWEP) has been partnering with the Mitrata-Nepal Home for Children since 2008. WWEP has sponsored as many as seven children at one time in the Kathmandu area through Mitrata-Nepal. WWEP was responsible for the 2010 construction of the library within the Mitrata Home which allows the students to enhance their ongoing studies in school. WWEP also supports Mitrata’s supplemental arts program, providing funding for instructors and educational supplies that allow students to advance in art, music and dance outside of their scheduled classes. With the recent reorganization of international funding support for Mitrata, WWEP now serves as the coordinating organization for charitable donations coming from the USA. WWEP is located near San Francisco, California and is a 501(c)(3) public charity. and


Partners of Mitrata Nepal

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