IMAGINE RAINBOW is supporting four music classes at Mitrata Nepal: singing with Roopkamal Chetri, Madal with Rameshwor Maharjan, Sarangi with Kiran Nepali, Flute with Raman Maharjan.

In 2005 when nepali artist Salil Subedi Kanika and the Swiss artist Thomas Bertschi initiated the film & music project Imagine Rainbow in Kathmandu IRIK, the introduction to Mitrata and Nanda by her husband Ganesh Kulu made it possible to involve about twenty children from Mitrata to take part in the film and music journey with the now famous song "Imagine Rainbow in Kathmandu". Sales of the DVD & CD IRIK, donations and fund raising concerts, generates funds for instruments and music lessons.

ART SUPPORTS ART Artists from all over the world are invited to support
Mitrata-Imagine Rainbow friendship project to make it possible for many children to get education in music, dance and visual arts.

For more information, please click on: ( Culture bridge Switzerland-Nepal)

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