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Our visit to Pokhara, Ghorepani, Poonhill and Ghandruk

By:Sushmita Duwadi




We all 10 Mitrata home children along Nanda aunt and Tara aunt went to Pokhara, Ghorepani, Poonhill and Ghandruk on our holiday as a trek. We are veru thankful to Nanda Aunt that she gave us sucha great oppurtunity to visit a new places. She tried her best to collect fund for our 6 days trek.On the other hand, we are very much thankful to Steve uncle. He arranged all the necessary equipments for our trek and made provision for our visit. So, he is really a great, kind hearted and helpful person.

                Our trek was totally humerous and enjoyful. We all enjoyed a lot. Somehow, it was difficult to walk fot four days,but we had great fun to walk with Nanda aunt. She was very friendly with us . Thanks god that no one didn’t suffered during 6 days trek. We all returned back to our mitrata home healthily. However, now too all those happiest moments floara and faouna, trees of rhododendron, high snow capped mountains,hills covered with  dense forest and rivers and rivulets are still roaming in my mind. I hardly forgot to forgot them.

                On 6ht of April, I along with my friends packed our bag and left our home at sharp 6 am. On the way to bus park, we met Tara aunt on the street nearby which the signboard of the mountain sisters was hung. Similarly, we met uncle steve on the way where he gave me his own jacket which he was wearing for my trek. Then we all went to bus station.We saw nanda aunt and Ujwal uncle standing over there. We went to nearby them steve uncle took some group photos of ours. Then after, we went inside the buds and start our adventure. I waved my hand toward ,ujwal uncle and steve uncle  and was very excited to reach our destination. After some hours  we had milk tea and bread on the hotel name paradise Nepal. It was delicious. We again started our journey toward Pokhara.We reached pokhara around 4.30. Then at the bus station , a taxi from Teeka resort came up to pick up us .We went to the resort and had fresh shower. After half an hourwe had a walk on lake side for around 2 to 3 hours. At the evening ,we went back to our resort . Our dinner was ready so we had it and went to our room. We altogether booked four rooms. I and my two friend stayed in one room. We went to bed early at sharp 7 o’clock as we were feeling tired.

                We wake up early in the morning. Then we had tea and biscuit as our break fast. It was the day to walk . According to the time routine of our guide we packed our bag and went to Nayapool. we climbed down from the microbus. It took 1 hour to reach Nayapool.We climbed down from the micro bus and prepare to walk. Nanda aunt bought some plastics to protect ourselves from water if it rained incase. Then we start to walk to reach Ulleri. After walking half an hour we had milk tea and tibetian bread to gain energy to walk. Again we walked for some hours climbing up and down and have our dinner in a place named “Sudame”. Then we walked continiously until we reached to Ulleri. We sat at Namaste hotel at that day. On the next day, we walked toward Ghorepani agter taking breakfast on the way to Ghorepani, we saw many rhododendron of different colors. We enjoyed eating and peering the rhododendron. We came to know that rhododendron can be found above the altitude above 3000m. At the eveining we took our dinner early. We gathered  and talked for some hours and went to bed somehow early. The next day we were going to our destination i.e poonhill.So, we have  our sleep as soon as possible. The next morning, we wake up at 4 o’clock,we left our bag in the hotel and climbed up to reach Poon Hill. The sun was goinfg to be rise at 5.45 am . so, we walked fast as possible  as we can and reached poonhill before 5.45 and .Poonhill was above 3000m height. The cold wind was blowing over there so we all were warmly dressed up with caps,jackets and gloves. We saw many mountains from there like Annapurna, Dhaulagri, Neelgiri, Machapuchre etc They seem too near from there. After some time, we watched sun rising. The sinrouse behind  from the mountain range. It was very beatiful scene. We clicked many photos over there. Only the tea was available there but it was also very costly. After some hours we returned back to our restaurant.we took our bags and start our journey towards Ghandruk which is said to be ‘model village of Nepal’. Walk to Ghandruk was the longest walk of our trek. Our legs were paining very much but we walked continiously to reach Ghandruk. We have our dinner at Himalayan Viewls restaurant. Then again we walked and walked. We walked even in rain by covering our body with plastics we enjoyed walking in the rain through forest though the way was slippery.Finally, we reahed to Ghandruk. It was very beautiful. There were the houses of sametype. We stayed on Mountains view restaurant. All the others went to rest but i along with some friends and brothers went to visit the village. We returned back early because we could ot walk anymore. There was a TV the hotel. We enjoyed eating chowmein while watching TV at the hotel. All of us were suffering from leg ache. So, we went early inthe bed on that day. We were returning back to Pokhara the comming day. So, we woke up early in the morning. We had our breakfast and walk an hour we reached to the bus station. We reserved a bus and returned back to Pokhara within half an hour. All of us went to the same Teeka resort. We had a nice shower there. Then we went to lake side for boating. We enjoyed boating in the Fewa Lake for an hour. We also went to Taal Barahi temple which is situated in the middle of the Lake.When we came to the bank of the lake it was getting dark. So, we returned back to our restaurant. We ent to the bed after a delicious dinner. Early in the motning the same bus in which we came to Pokhara, came to pick us. We packed our bag and get inside the bus. The bus stopped an hour inthe bus station. At that time we had tea and biscuit. Then we started our journey to kathmandu safely in the fixed time.Nanda aunt offered us one ice-cream as a treat. We became very happy at that moment and went back to our home enjoying eating ice cream. All the home members cheered with happiness when they saw us suddenly.

                Our 6 days trek was memorable. It contributes a lot in our study too. We gain many knowledge about new things. Beside this we enjoyed our holiday happily. At last we all Mitrata home children are very thankful to who sponser for our trekking.

Thank you


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