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BY:Sudan Adhikari



Life is a trail and we need to face the difficulties arising on it. It is not only the bed of roses and we should be comfort on both of the cases. The oppurtunity comes for everyone as the saying “Every dog has its day” follows it. We need to do many thing on a single life as the lige can’t be made by us. Many people do various things in the leisure time and they enjoy the beauty of the nature. Among these enjoyable events , trekking organised by Mountain sisters in association with Mitrata Nepal foundation is one of our unforgettable events. As days passed by we got the golden opportunity to go to the trekking and we were really pleasant at the moment. We had the member of 13, 10 from home where there were 3 boys 7 girls and  toe mothers and a guide. They told us about the golden opportunity we got  and we promised to utilize the things on future.


Actually the main objectives of the visit were:


  •           To know the findings of study, research, inspection and investigation.
  •           To know whether there is delay of government activities or not.
  •           To know the condition of people, their lifestyle and others of them.
  •        By realizing theose points , we formally started our journey on 6th of April 2011.

First day

                I was greatly amazed and in happy mood and wake up before the sunshine at 3 o’clock in the morning. I couldn’t stop my joy because we were going to first long tour in the unknown places. It was hard to past the time in the morning to me. I helped my brothers and sisters to wake up at the 4 in the morning and get ready for the trek. We nine students including me pf Mitrata Nepal started our journey at 6 in the morning to Thamel. For some minute we waited for the mother Tara and we walked to meet our sponsor Steve. He was great and was waiting before we arrived there I want to say him and other sponsor that, “Thanks for helping us in this trek program”. Then we walked to the bus station. There also we waited for the Mitrata Nepal’s mother Nanda Kulu. Then we took our group photos on the bus with Steve and our board members of Mitrata Nepal (Ujwal Gautam). Then we started our bus journey at the 7 in the morning. It was long journey in the bus, it tool nearby 7 or 8 hours to get to Pokhara from Kathmandu. It was a amazing place. As Pokhara itself is a beautiful place, we found lots of foreigner there. Around 3 o’clock in the afternoon, we arrived to the hotel where we booked rooms at the hotel Shikhar. After we became fresh, we again moved to the lake side for entertainment. We took some photos and we again return back to hotel for lunch and got a sleep on our own room.

 Second day,

                After we finished our morning activities, we started out journey at 7 in the morning. We have booked a micro bus and through the micro bus we started out journey. While on the bus Nanda mother gave me a camera to take beautiful scenery and pictures of ours. But while I opened the camera it didn’t opened. I tried my best but I couldn’t. I was afraid, frightened. Then I told about that to Nanda Mother, she easily accepted me and sent me and our guide to the camera store to repair it. We searched the camera repair store but we couldn’t find it, because it was a new place. Finally, we reached to the camera store. In that camera store he opened the battery and while and kept the same battery in the camera it opened due to the loose of the battery camera and it opened due to loose of the battery it didn’t opened .Then  we again started our journey to Nayapool. There we ate our breakfast and at the same place our sister Sushmita felt sick we were afraid about it, that she couldn’t walk in the high hills but finally she walked. It was a great surprise. Then we walked, walked passes through Birethanti, Mathathanti then lamdali, sudame, hile whose height was 1520m from the sea level then Tikhe dhunga amd Ulleri. Similarly, its height was 1960m. We ate our lunch in Birethanthi. After the sun began to set, then at the Namaste lodge. We ate our dinner at the lodge. It was a great place. As it was in the high hills, no vehicles moved, so all the things were carried by the mule.

Third day,

                We wake up in the morning, after we finished our morning daily, we started our journey from Uileri to Banthanthi , Nagethanti and Ghorepani after we climbing up to the high hills. Again we started our journey through Deurali(3103m) Banthanthi and Tadapani(2721m). We planned to stay in Tadapani in “Snow View lodge”. After we became fresh, our two mothers had gone to their room for rest after we finished our lunch in that lodge. Then we students including guide moved to the “Chitre Village” for the entertainment. We took some photos as well and we returned back to our lodge and took dinner and we moved to our own room foe sleep. Due to the cold and tiredness of the trekking we fell for sleep.               

Fourth day

                Our guide came and helped us to wake up early in the morning before the sunrise. We wake up and started our journey to Poonhill(3210m) to watch the sunrise at 5:45 in the morning. It was a great watching sunrise. I had never seen such a sunrise. It made me amazed. Due to the sunrise the Himalayas also seemed very beautiful. We had also taken our group photos and single photos as well. We also climb to the tower in the Poonhill too. We again went to Tadapani for 45 minutes and took our lunch on the same lodge where we slept. Then we again started our journey through Tadapani, Bhaisikharka and Ghandruk(1939m). As our guide had told us “Ghandruk” is a beautiful village, it is also the tourist sector and the Ghandruk is divided into three groups i.e Upper Ghandruk, Middle Ghandruk and Lower Ghandruk.But we went to middle Ghandruk, it was a beautiful place, The people were so friendly and co-operative. We stayed on the “Mountain view” of Ghandruk that day.

Fifth day,

                From the Ghandruk, we again started our journey after breakfast through Ghandruk, Kimche, Saulibazar (1638m), and back to Nayapol. We ate our lunch in Nayapol at 12 o’clock we hardly booked the bus and again returned back to Pokhara in the same hotel. We became fresh and went to Fewa Lake and started boating. We had hired three boats in one boats wee three boys and guide including boat riders had set and other remaining mother and sisters in other boat. After an hour we returned back to the hotel for dinner and we went back to hotel Shikhar for the sleep.

Sixth day,

                We wake up fast and our bus had arrived in our hotel Shikhar at 6 in the morning and we all sat in the bus and started our journey to Kathmandu. Our bus started journey from the bus station from Pokhara to Kathmandu at 7 in the morning. Then we returned back to the Kathmandu from Pokhara. It took nearby 7 or 8 hours. We return back to Kathmandu at 3 o’clock in the afternoon and came back to Mitrata Nepal. Due to the tiredness, I felt asleep in the bed.

Actually it is the most remarkable journey of our life. It has given the chance to know about the people and thei custom  and we were very happy to see it.

I would like to give many many thanks to who helped for making this journey successful hope for simlair treks in future for others who are intrested as we can also contribute the nation through tourism industry.

This has made out Tourism year 2011 successful and many many thanks to all the people helping diectly and indirectly onthis trek especially Mountain sistres and Mitrata Nepal Foundation.


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