Mitrata Nepal Foundation


The fundamental objective of Mitrata foundation is to make the Mitrata children’s home mature into a family based, long-term residential care organization. We believe in spreading compassion, mercy, and love to the children who are entrusted in our care.

We also believe that children should have the opportunity to fully develop his/her gifts and recognize the potentials which he/she already has. Hence we provide them education and lessons on morals and cultivate a fondness for family values and team work.
The aim of Mitrata is to provide a loving family environment for children who have known little or no security in their lives. Some of our children have lost one or both parents; others have been forsaken. Some have parents who, for a various reasons, cannot look after them anymore. Our aim is also to provide them a normal childhood and equip them with education and values for the future.

Our Objective is to bring about a change in the lives of many children who are normal in every sense but have till now been ignored and are less fortunate than many other children in the world

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