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The Mitrata Home

The Mitrata Children’s home is located at Dallu Aawas-15, in central Kathmandu. It is here that many of the underprivileged children as well as orphans live as a family under the guidance of people who are dedicated to bring about a change in the lives of each and every child at this home. Mitrata has been successful at creating a home out of a house for these special children over the years.

Yes there are many lending a gentle support and some, a sturdy push and those who have stood with us through thick and thin. The dream of helping these children would not have been realized without generous love and support. Our children are taken from bad situations of abuse, abandonment and neglect and placed in our care. Here we provide them with much needed love and stability. We want our kids to grow up believing they are truly loved and cared for.

At the Mitrata home, the children’s’ needs are taken care of. Their upbringing is by all means normal, they are provided education, medical care and a sense of belonging.


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