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Founded in 2000, Mitrata Nepal is a Non Governmental Social Organization (Regd. No: 555-056-057, SWC No: 10012) based in Nepal. This organization was stirred by a drive to help underprivileged children and orphans is based in Kathmandu. When it began, there were just a few children but today the organization supports more than 100 abandoned and less privileged but nonetheless very special children; all of them in need of a home, care and support.This organization is dedicated to giving help to needy children through home sponsorship, school sponsorship and general donations.

The word Mitrata means “friendship” in Nepali; a word that epitomizes the meaning of love, care and support and essentially defines the principles on which Mitrata’s founder and caretaker Nanda Kulu lives by. Mitrata children’s home was started first after a decision to provide shelter for a homeless girl but the mission expanded to serve, love and uplift the lives of many more less privileged children.

Nepal is filled with children who are not fortunate enough to even have access to basic necessities of life. About fifty percent of them are malnourished without any means of proper food, sanitation, medical care and education. Statistics reveal that there are a staggering 2.6 million child laborers in Nepal and because of the country’s poor economy and 10 years of civil conflicts more children have become homeless and are compelled to live in dilapidated conditions. Education too is difficult. As the country’s economic conditions get worse, many children do not attend school at all or drop out before finishing high school equivalent.

The community is positively affected by the organization. Working with local Nepali people, single women is given a good amount of economic benefits to the local community. Mitrata is an established organization with mission oriented work with a mission to serve, love and uplift the less privileged. The children are taught overall life skills in a warm and loving family atmosphere. After they leave Mitrata, they take with them valuable life lessons, education, and the ability to be self-sufficient members of the local community. The needs of children are great in Nepal and there is much to do to help. The Mitrata motto is “Children First, They are our Future”. Please join the Mitrata family and help save the life of a child in Nepal. You can make a difference.


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