An Introduction to Founder

Nanda Kulu,
Mitrata Nepal Foundation, Nepal

Mrs. Nanda Kulu’s philosophy for living is simple – spread kindness and you shall receive it in return. Just being sympathetic with other people’s plights is not enough she avers, “Choose to do something about it. Unless we start helping others, we shall never experience life as it was meant to be".

Being born and raised in a remote village of Nepal, a childhood without education and even poverty did not stop her from changing her destiny and the destinies of many underprivileged children with the same background as hers. Mrs. Nanda Kulu is the founder of Mitrata-Nepal Foundation and a woman of essence.

Even with all the hardships in life she had always wanted to help people. She taught herself to read and write. This same steadfast dedication and commitment led to the foundation of Mitrata-Nepal in 2000. Mitrata was the realization of Mrs. Kulu’s dreams of living a life of service. Mitrata became a medium of providing shelter, medical care and educational opportunities for underprivileged children in a perfect family home environment.  She knows the importance and necessity of raising the Mitrata children in a family atmosphere to give them the sense of belonging, love and care and to help them broaden the family and spiritual values that the children have within them.

The Mitrata Home for the less privileged children has expanded and many have been brought under Mrs. Kulu’s care from the most remote regions of Nepal. With love, care and understanding, many children find their home at Mitrata. It is this rare bond between the children and Mrs. Kulu that makes Mitrata more than just a home.


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