Last day in Nepal – Mitrata

Last day in Nepal – Mitrata

(A blog article by Rachel Laidler on her experience visiting Mitrata Children Home)

On our last day here in Kathmandu, we’ve been lucky enough to get to visit Mitrata, a local children’s home. Run by Nanda Kulu, its inspirational founder, the home provides shelter and education to some of Nepal’s most vulnerable children.


Mitrata Nepal 2014 Report

Dear friends, Mitrata supporters and all the well wishers,


I would like to wish you all a very happy New Year 2015.May this year bring all the desired success and happiness in your life with good health. Year 2014 was quite a challenging year for us as we had to relocate our organization to a new home within a very short time. The children had to be transferred to new school as well.


Benefit Concert for Mitrata Nepal Children Home - 2014

Benefit Concert for Mitrata Nepal Children Home

Singing Bowls

Gongs / Chant/ Flute

Jacomina Kistemaker with Raman Maharjan


Note of appreciations.

Mitrata Nepal, on behalf of Mitrata Children, would like to express it's deep gratitude to Ayan Kunal for donating $300.00 which he won during the photo contest organized by Phillips Avent Myanmar in October 2013.


Mitrata-Children perform for Japanese ambassador

What a show!  I have to give a hats off to Manda, a young and energetic quartet indirectly related to Mitrata-Nepal through the son of flutist and Mitrata instructor Raman Maharjan.  They came on thick and heavy at the 3rd Kathmandu Children Artist Club concert today in Sanepa, driving their youthful brand of Nepali folk into a peak fit to rival the 8000'ers.  My eyes teared up when the flute solo hit.


Mitrata-Nepal wins the Travel Blogger Calendar 2013 charity contest

The vote officially ended on Oct 31 and Mitrata-Nepal has won 1st place!  Thanks to all our friends & supporters who took the time to vote.  We are so happy to have received this honor.  Calendars are currently on sale at


Great News!

The team at Mitrata woke up to a most excellent surprise this morning.  Our foundation has been nominated for the Travel Blogging Calendar 2013 project! Twenty charities from around the world have been chosen for this nomination, and users can visit the TBC website and vote for their favorites.  Twenty four travel bloggers from around the world are collaborating on a set of calendars to be printed soon - all sales proceeds will go to the charity who receives the most votes!



The show was a success!

Nanda's weeks of prayers and wishes for clear skies on the night of the event seemed to have fell upon responsive ears, for the clouds that evening hung in the periphery of a vivid sky from whose beams of radiance the ancient lines of Patan Durbar glistened proudly.


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